It is the delegate’s responsibility to investigate the visa requirements for England and apply for a visa, if necessary.

Visa policy of the United Kingdom

 United Kingdom

 Freedom of movement (EU/EEA/CH citizens)

 Visa-free entry for 6 months

 Electronic visa waiver countries

 Visa required for entry, and landside transit (unless holding exemption documents); visa-free airside transit

 Visa required for entry, and both landside and airside transit (unless holding exemption documents)

Letter of Invitation

If you require a visa, we advise you to obtain and submit an official Letter of Invitation from the conference organizers to help facilitate the visa process. Please note that Letters of Invitation are only issued to registered and paid/approved delegates.

If you need an invitation letter, please complete this Form.

  • as it appears on your Passport
  • When you made payment?

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